Ambien, known generically as Zolpidem, is a prescription only medication used primarily as a sleep aid.  Ambien also has several different “off label” uses that it is occasionally prescribed for. These include Anxiety Disorders, Acute Insomnia, and Convulsive Disorders.  Ambien is one of the most popular treatments for people suffering from sleeping difficulties in the United States. While this medication can be a safe and effective method of treatment for many people, not everyone has a positive experience when taking this drug.  Ambien produces some side effects that activate the parts of the brain associated with pleasure, reward, and ultimately, addiction. These effects include lightheadedness, relaxation, happiness, and euphoric feelings. While these effects may not be serious to some users, those who are already predisposed to Alcoholism and Addiction will soon find themselves taking more medication than prescribed to achieve those desired effects over and over again.  The resulting problems could very well require an Ambien Rehab to rectify.


Regain control over Ambien Addiction with Ambien Rehab

Ambien is found to be quite habit-forming because of the way it acts on the brain.  The effects of this medication are almost identical to Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, Etc.) in how they induce relaxation and promote sleep.  All of these medications, including Ambien, have strong influence over the pleasure and reward areas in our brains. When this part of a user’s brain is repeatedly activated by these pharmaceuticals, it becomes more difficult for the brain to produce its own chemicals that regulate moods and emotions.  The brain (and the user in whose body it is located) therefore becomes dependent on artificial chemicals in order to experience happiness all the time. This is the first stage of addiction, when someone prescribed Ambien for sleeping difficulty, suddenly finds themselves taking more of the medication than prescribed in order to “feel better”.  From this point, the cycle quickly develops into full blown addiction, as the user continues to take more and more of the medication to get the same feeling they initially had.  Before long, the months’ supply of medication will be all gone after only a few days into the month, and drastic measures begin to become necessary to support ones habit. A user’s life begins to spiral out of control before they even have a chance to realize what is happening, as careers, loved ones, finances, and all other aspects of life become second to maintaining the Ambien addiction.  Fortunately, there is a way to stop the cycle of addiction, and at Pacific View Recovery Center’s Ambien Rehab, we have the expertise and knowledge to help people regain control over their lives.


Ambien Rehab at PVRC

Here at PVRC’s Ambien Rehab, we offer the optimal balance between comfort and structure to ensure the best chances of a successful recovery from ambien addiction, while receiving treatment in a comforting and nurturing environment.  When entering treatment for addiction to Ambien, one can expect to go through a few different phases during the treatment process. The first phase consists of detoxification, or detox.  During this phase, clients are given time to rest and allow their bodies to be rid of all addictive substances.  While there is a degree of discomfort involved in any detox phase, the staff at PVRC composed of Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, and Industry Experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of addiction will take every measure to ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective detox. After the Detox phase is complete, the clinical team at PVRC will create a customized treatment plan that focus on each client’s specific needs. (Source:

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