The internet can support recovery in many ways! More here on how to support 12 step work online, with a section for your questions at the end.

Q: How can 12 steppers use the internet to support recovery?

A: Lots of ways.

In fact, while face-to-face meetings are sincerely important to foster real life relationships, an online community can help you in an equally meaningful way. Regular attendance (ie. showing up) is key! Here are some ideas on getting started on the internet.

7 ways to integrate the 12 steps online

1. You can join a sober forum/community to ask or respond to recovery related issues.

2. You can start a blog to broadcast your thoughts, feelings, or opinions to the world.

3. You can comment on someone else’s blog articles.

4. You can join an email group with “virtual meetings”.

5. Or join a live audio meeting.

6. You can download podcasts, videos, or content related to recovery.

7. You can volunteer to support someone looking for a temporary sponsor.

What makes the Internet so useful for recovery is that you can find and participate in 12 step work from multiple sources from anywhere at any time.

How does the Internet foster 12 step group morale?

I find the Internet a powerful medium for 12 steppers in a few ways. First, participation is immediate and on- demand. Online dialogue can be ongoing (as long as you are committed and follow through) so you never feel like you’re alone. Second, in comparison to face-to-face meetings, addiction recovery can be truly anonymous. Last, you connect with people outside your locale. Relating with people from Australia, Africa, or Europe increases empathy and global awareness that addiction is truly everywhere.

In sum, the internet connects all of us, even if you’re in a place where you can’t find a meeting. It allows us to extend our 12 step program beyond the borders of building and meetings. It brings us into the virtual space of shared thoughts and ideas.


Got questions?

Do you have questions about the role of online communication in 12 step work? Please leave them here. We try to respond to all queries with a personal and prompt reply.


Lee Weber About the author:  Lee W. is a seeker so grateful that she found the rooms of A.A. in 2003. She is the editor of Addiction Blog, an online resource aimed at helping people find and get into addiction treatment. Lee is self-described as “funky-quirky”  and does not mind being called a geek. 

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