Crystal Meth Rehab

Methamphetamine, or crystal meth, was first developed in 1919 by the Japanese.  It was used in World War Two by many nations to keep soldiers awake for long periods, and given to Kamikaze pilots in high doses before suicide missions. In the 50’s it was widely prescribed both as a weight loss supplement and as an antidepressant. It wasn’t until 1970, when abuse had significantly risen amongst the masses, that crystal meth was made illegal in the US.  While the high from crystal meth is extreme, occasionally pleasurable, and can last up to 12 hours, individuals risk developing irreversible brain damage when using the drug.  At PVRC’s crystal meth rehab, we believe that clients should have a thorough understanding of the many risks they expose themselves to while using this dangerous drug.


Fight Addiction at PVRC’s Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal meth wreaks both physical and psychological damage to the user in many ways.  Since crystal meth causes the blood vessels to constrict, the body is less able to heal from wounds or injuries that occur while one is under its effects.  This explains why so many crystal meth users develop small sores that do not heal, broken teeth, or severe acne.  In our crystal meth rehab, we will help you get into contact with the necessary doctors to help you overcome otherwise lasting physical effects such as these.  Along with the physical side effects, there are lasting psychological symptoms from the drug use as well.  Some studies indicate that those with extended crystal meth use can develop brain damage similar to that of Parkinson’s disease. This can about bring difficulty with communication, impulse control, and learning capabilities.  It can also bring on a long-lasting depression since the brain may not be capable of producing necessary chemicals for pleasure. At PVRC’s crystal meth rehab, we make sure to educate our clients about the effects and damage on the brain caused by crystal meth.  We also teach them how to identify cravings and how to combat them when they occur.  In short, we help clients learn to deal with past damage, and prevent further damage brought about by a crystal meth addiction.


Customized Treatment at PVRC’s Crystal Meth Rehab

At PVRC’s crystal meth rehab, we do not believe that the recovery process is the same for everyone.  For this reason our group therapy sessions cover a broad range of topics to inform our clients of as much relevant information as possible.  Combined with individual therapy sessions for a more personal, customized treatment, we help educate clients about their drug of choices, and about themselves as well.  The techniques used in therapy and group sessions are designed to help clients build a skill set to deal with the challenges of life without relying on the drugs that brought them to their knees.   In some cases, behavioral therapy techniques have been shown to help decrease depression and relapse after treatment (source:

The road to recovery can be a long one, but it is well worth the work, especially when one considers the risks of continuing to succumb to your addictions, and the rewards available when you get sober.  For more information about PVRC program, please call 866-737-4962 to speak with one of our admissions specialists and decide if our crystal meth rehab meets your needs, or those of a loved one.