Designer Drug Rehab

MDMA, Ketamine, GHB, spice, meth, acid, and bath salts are just some of the substances that are branded as designer drugs.  These substances are hallucinogens, depressants, or stimulants that are made on the streets in back alley laboratories. These substances are created to give a particular, desired effect which is attained through a specific molecular structure. Some of these drugs are sold legally under the guise of products like incenses or bath salts.  They are given alluring names and are thought of as harmless when compared to drugs they imitate, but these substances have numerous harmful side-effects, while adding to the number of those in need of a designer drug rehab.


Fighting Addiction with Designer Drug Rehab

A large risk when dealing with designer drugs is that a majority of these substances are not made in a controlled environment, which means every batch will have a different chemical makeup from the previous batch. Even the slightest chemical changes make a big difference with how the body may react to the substance. These drugs often slide by federal regulations due to continuous alteration of their chemical formula, while drugs like spice and bath salts aren’t recognized with typical drug tests.  Regardless of the specific components of the preferred drug, nearly all of these can create a chemical dependence over time. Once dependence is built, the brain’s natural functions have been altered and do not properly relay chemical messages through neurotransmitters. When a person is unable to quit a drug in spite of the adverse costs, that is a very good sign that a designer drug rehab may be in order.


Designer Drug Rehab at PVRC

There is hope to be had for the addict your life struggling with designer drug addiction.  The growing number of those experiencing addiction is raising awareness amongst the public at large, and just as significantly, increasing the knowledge about this insidious affliction for those who work in the treatment field.  This is where PVRC’s designer drug rehab enters the picture. We have a very customizable program that is tailor made to fit the needs of all clients. Our experienced staff approaches every case differently to find the most effective treatment plan by giving a physical and psychological exam upon intake. It is important to keep in mind that getting clean will require vigilance as many new discoveries will be made throughout the treatment process.  While undergoing the PVRC treatment program, our clients will explore the cause of their addiction, any past trauma experienced, controlling impulses to use, and what triggers are, as well as how to avoid and deal with them (source: Rehab is a safe place where addicts will relate and help one another grow.  At PVRC’s designer drug rehab, we’re dedicated to helping addicts learn to live a life free from chemical dependence.

Don’t hesitate and risk the well-being of the addict in your life, call 866-737-4962 now to speak with one of our knowledgeable intake specialists for more information regarding our Designer Drug Rehab program. It is a call you will not regret.