Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is a disease that can attack one’s brain, coming about as a result of an allergy to any chemical taken into the body.  This does not mean that those afflicted cannot recover from this disease.  With effective drug treatment, learning how to exercise proper care for oneself, and last but not least, incorporating a recovery model into their lives, the drug addict may live free from addiction and pursue a happy and healthy life.  There are many healthy ways of bettering oneself and becoming free of active addiction.  Some of these include:

  • Entering a Primary Care Facility such as Pacific View Recovery Center;
  • Exercise;
  • Meditation;
  • Participation in 12-step anonymous groups;
  • Incorporating a new way of living into one’s life.

All of the above mentioned ways of treating a drug addiction are proven methods that we use here at the Pacific View Recover Center.  Our trained staff and professionals bring all their collective years of experience and expertise to bear on each client’s needs, leading to the hard earned, rewarding realization that true recovery is possible.  If you’re willing to work for it.


Can Drug Addiction be “Cured”?

Currently, there is no definitive answer to arresting all of the signs and symptoms of addiction (source: http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/treatment-approaches-drug-addiction).  Addiction, like many other progressive illnesses, may not be fully curable, but it can be arrested with proper treatment.  Here at PVRC, over 70% of all clients who completed their initial treatment plan with us have maintained sobriety since returning home.  We emphasize the importance of each client remaining proactive about their recoveries after being released from treatment; this commitment is one of the most important things the addict/alcoholic can do in order to stay sober.


Treating Drug Addiction at PVRC’s Treatment Center

PVRC’s approach to rehabilitating our clients has proven over and over that our methods work.  Over the years of managing our other treatment centers (Axis Residential Treatment in Pam Springs and Axis West in Culver City), we’ve seen that the success rate of our clients correlates directly with their willingness to devote themselves to their own recovery.  Our mission is to encourage that devotion, while addressing the defects of character and other problem areas in lives that may have contributed to their drug addiction.  By doing so, we are able to 1) help educate them on their problems, and 2) provide a welcome, effective solution.  Such ways of identifying and providing answers to the issues directly related to their addiction include:

  • Staff interaction with clients, focusing on areas that have caused the client to relapse or fail in the past.  Many of these defects will surface through daily interactions between clients in staff.  By taking a hands-on, personal approach with each client, these defects are much easier to spot and properly point out to the clients.
  • Peer Feedback and Group discussions;
  • Explanation of the 12-step recovery process step by step and breaking it down into very basic terms that becomes much easier for the client to relate to;
  • One on One Meetings with staff and counselors to discuss isolated incidents and provide constructive feedback and a plan of action for future incidents.
  • Self-Reflection and Meditation meetings;
  • Other therapeutic activities and recovery based groups.

These areas that our faculty and staff focus on at PVRC’s California Drug Rehab have given us our most success in arresting this disease and making recovery possible.

If you or someone that you know is suffering from the seemingly hopeless disease of drug addiction, please remember there is a solution.  PVRC’s treatment program can provide a stable foundation for long-term recovery.  Please call 866-737-4962 today and speak with one of our intake specialists today.  We’ll help you begin creating the life you were meant to live, free from the bondage of self.