Drug Rehab at PVRC

Drug rehabilitation, more commonly referred to as drug rehab or just rehab, refers to a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, that is generally administered to people who have experienced dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or amphetamines.  The goal of most drug rehabs is to enable the client to abstain from substance abuse, primarily with the intent of avoiding the wide range of negative consequences that can result from the afflicted individual succumbing to their addictions.  Treatment can include providing resources such as medication and counseling for depression or other disorders, along with group meetings, which allow addicts and/or alcoholics to share their experience with others who have encountered similar difficulties.  Some drug rehabs also feature yoga, meditation, and spiritual guidance as part of the treatment process.

At PVRC’s California Drug Rehab, we believe that addiction and/or alcoholism are brain diseases that should not bring shame upon the sufferer.  We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients will not be made to feel any worse about themselves than they already do – after all, do cancer victims feel guilt for having contracted their disease?  We believe the disease of addiction robs the brain of its normal ability to function, which in turn will make those who’ve had their brains robbed feel weak and unworthy, not to mention incapable, of living happy, fulfilling lives.  This of course is utter nonsense, and we aim to prove as much to our clients here at PVRC.


The Compassionate Core of PVRC’s Drug Rehab

Nestled at the heart of PVRC is the indispensible component without which we would not be able to offer nearly as effective a drug rehab program: our caring, compassionate, highly credentialed staff.  At PVRC, we feature a wide array of qualified staff members, many of whom are on site around the clock to assist our clients during this critical juncture in their recoveries.  We also provide access to medical doctors and psychiatrists, should it become necessary to supplement your program with any medications.

Because many of us have had our own experiences with recovery, we’re able to approach and treat our clients’ addictions with particular grace and compassion.  We understand the nature and intensity of the cravings, the enormous compulsions to use, and also the tremendous relief and joy that can come from surrendering to our disease while reawakening to a new way of living.


Drug Rehab And Sustainable Sobriety

At PVRC’s drug rehab, we want to make sure our clients leave here prepared to use all the tools they’ve learned with us, and to keep building upon the foundation they’ve established here.  We know that the twin diseases of alcoholism and addiction can lead us to lonely, desperate places sometimes.  But we also know they weren’t formed in a vacuum, so neither should their solution be.  For this reason, we strongly encourage family participation in our clients’ treatment plans, especially as they grow nearer to feeling whole enough to leave.  The emphasis on family therapy sessions at PVRC reminds our clients that they’re not the only ones who’ve been affected by their drug or alcohol use, but also about the importance of having a loving support system to plug into when they return from our drug rehab to their regularly scheduled lives (source: http://www.drugabuse.gov/news-events/nida-notes/2010/12/multidimensional-family-therapy-adolescent-drug-abuse-offers-broad-lasting-benefits).  Of course we know that not everyone DOES have a loving family waiting for them at home, and in these cases, we make sure to reach out to friends and extended family whenever possible.

If you’re truly serious about getting help for yourself or a loved one, and ready to invest in recovery more deeply than ever before, please call PVRC’s admissions specialists at 866-737-4962 and find out if our drug rehab offers the best chance to turn your life around today.