What would you say if you had the opportunity to be treated at a facility that wasn’t trying to pretend it was anything other than an environment solely focused on delivering the most effective, hands-on recovery care available today?

Our new Pacific View Recovery Center is NOT a sprawling compound nestled in the isolated hills of Malibu, or a lockdown, hospital-like facility where the amount of beds vastly outnumber the available staff on hand.

What we ARE is an intimate, unpretentious, home-like environment that provides precisely what the recovering addict/alcoholic needs to get whole and healthy again… or possibly for the first time in their lives.


THE BRAND NEW PVRC FACILITY, located in the heart of Santa Monica, California, has been designed to aid and support the most sustainable recovery possible.  Our mission is to help those battling with their alcoholism and/or addictions achieve clarity and a sense of authentic purpose, while living in a genuine, real-world environment that encourages real solutions to real problems. 

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Rest assured, you will be very comfortable at Pacific View. We have semi-private residences with a flat screen TV in every room, an Executive Chef on staff who makes sure each meal is delicious and nutritious, and offer numerous outings to an array of nearby destinations including the beach, the 3rd St. Promenade, and the world famous Santa Monica Pier. But at Pacific View, we go to great lengths to ensure that these attractions enhance rather than distract from the recovery process.


THE LAYOUT OF THE PVRC FACILITY is intended, first and foremost, to engender a feeling of comfort, safety and security. Our clients will share a suite in one of five modern, well-equipped apartments, each with their own living room, dining room, and kitchen. The interiors have been designed to promote true family values, as clients find their place in our thriving, healing community – often for the first time in a long while. We know that when an addict/alcoholic feels safe in their home, deep long-lasting recovery will be that much easier to achieve.

Clients begin treatment in residence on the first floor; here they learn to live with others again and are guided gently through the often tender early stages of recovery. That means we’ll make them as comfortable as possible as their bodies, minds, and spirits adjust to NOT abusing substances anymore. As the PVRC program evolves, clients are moved up to the 2nd floor, where they will experience the later phases of the “healing trajectory”, which includes one-on-one counseling, attendance at 12-step meetings, and relapse prevention sessions.


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PERHAPS OUR GREATEST ASSET, however, is the vibrant, vital, not to mention gorgeous global destination city of Santa Monica, California. Pacific View Recovery doesn’t need to waste any resources trying to create an engaging, but “counterfeit” experience; we’ve got the real thing just outside our doors! From hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains to bike rides on the beach at sunset, the inherent value of all that is indigenous around PVRC enables our clients the opportunity to get clean and sober in an authentic, real-world environment.

At PVRC, the end of addiction begins today.

Please call us at 866-737-4962 to speak with one of our Admissions Specialists and find out if PVRC is the right facility for you.

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