Marijuana Rehab at PVRC

At PVRC’s Marijuana Rehab, we make sure we pay attention to your well being as a whole, rather than focusing simply on the marijuana addiction for which you are seeking treatment.  We recognize that each addict is a unique person with a unique set of traits and feelings that have led them to reach out for help at this particular juncture in their lives.  By focusing on the entire addict, our hope at PVRC is to allow all the clients at our marijuana rehab feel as safe and comfortable as possible, as they begin their journey of recovery.

When compared with other, more “hardcore” illegal drugs, Marijuana has long been thought of as a so-called “harmless” drug.  But recent studies make clear just how dangerous this misconception is.  What many people don’t realize is, marijuana use makes a huge impact on the brain and lungs, despite the fact that is it prescribed medicinally. As far as impairing brain functions, marijuana has a similar effect to a hallucinogen, which in many marijuana smokers means distorting their senses of time, sound, touch, and sight.  Another common side effect of marijuana use is impaired memory.  Other side effects experienced by long-term marijuana smokers include bronchitis, chronic chest colds, and even emphysema.  The regular daily use of marijuana has also been associated with permanent brain damage, with some current studies linking continued marijuana use to Alzheimer’s disease.


Powerful Marijuana Requires Powerful Marijuana Rehab

One big problem for present day marijuana smokers is that the weed being grown and sold – and smoked – today is far more powerful than the marijuana of decades past.  This is due partly to the fact that growers have been constantly refining their methods over the years to increase the potency of their product.  But another factor, and one that has created other dangers as well surrounding the increase of marijuana addiction, is the widespread prevalence of medicinally prescribed marijuana.  The increase in marijuana potency has coincided with an increase in the number of people smoking it.  Thankfully, these numbers are matched by the number of people seeking treatment for marijuana addiction – since the early 90s, the number of people checking into marijuana rehabs has nearly doubled, and continues to be on the rise.  At PVRC, we are standing by, ready to help those who are ready to help themselves, and begin to get real help from their marijuana addiction.


Live “Stone Free” At PVRC’s Marijuana Rehab

Here’s one easy way to gauge whether you have a problem with marijuana.  If smoking marijuana has negatively affected your ability to work, or to enjoy healthy relationships, or to enjoy your life in any meaningful way… and yet you still you continue to use it, well, then, there’s a good indication that your marijuana use could actually be categorized as marijuana abuse.  If this is the case for you or a loved one, you (or they) may very well have reached the point in your life where it’s time to seriously consider marijuana rehab. The cold hard truth is, it’s hard to achieve sustainable abstinence when battling an addiction to Marijuana (Source: But if you’re serious about getting help, and ready and willing to invest more heavily in your recovery than ever before, make PVRC’s Marijuana Rehab your destination.

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