What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy for a married couple or established partners, which is employed as a means of repairing problems that can develop over time.  Typically, both partners attend therapy together and discuss problems they are having with one another.  At Pacific View Recovery Center we know that alcoholism and drug addiction can wreak havoc on even the soundest of marriages or domestic partnerships.  Consequently, we take a very hands-on approach with our clients in order to provide a proper course of action to help repair the damage that often occurs within these relationships.


How Marriage Counseling works here at PVRC

The faculty and staff here at PVRC will provide proper counseling for the spouses of recovering addicts, as well as for the clients themselves.  This approach helps not only the recovering drug addict but also their loved one establish a firm foundation after their time in treatment is over.  By doing so, we are able to help the client and their spouse overcome hardships they are having within their relationship with one another.  Marriage counseling sometimes involves only short-term therapy, which may only involve a few sessions in order to solve the problem.  The underlying problem that we will face here deals with how to make these relationships work and provide a stable environment for the recovering addict/alcoholic.


Goals of marriage counseling at PVRC:

  • Long term solution to prior problems;
  • Stable foundation for both parties faced with difficulties within their relationship;
  • Proper tools needed for both the client and their spouse to solve future problems in a constructive manner;
  • Healthy relationships;
  • Short-term process that typically lasts one to two months;
  • Hands on approach from therapist in order to tackle the problems within the relationship.


Does Marriage Counseling really work?

Yes, this type of counseling really DOES work when facilitated by a properly trained therapist.  Here at PVRC’s California drug treatment program, we have the qualified staff needed in order to assist in restoring one’s marriage or relationship.  Our hands on approach and proven method of therapy has helped others in the past enjoy a happy marriage and will continue to help those in need in the future.

Successful Marriage counseling leads to:

  • Better communication between both members of the relationship
  • Faster resolution of minor marital issues and arguments
  • A way to address major marital issues such as affairs
  • Help for married or non-married couples

Source: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


  • Current divorce rate in U.S. is 50%
    • This high rate of divorce shows that there is becoming an ever greater need for marriage counseling
    • Much of the cause for divorce and not being able to solve the problem is that the couple allow the problems in their relationship, such as untreated alcoholism or drug abuse, to escalate for long periods of time;
    • Lack of communication is the reason most couples turn to need marriage counseling;
    • 75% of all couples who enter marriage counseling are able to solve their problem and rebuild the relationship;
    • In most cases, both people in the relationship benefit from counseling.

Source: http://www.census.gov/

Different Methods for Marriage Counseling

  • Individual sessions with each person in the relationship
  • Verbalization and communication between clients is a must
  • Group sessions where both clients are present
  • Following the suggestions given by the therapist when outside of therapy

If you are in a relationship that has been damaged in the wreckage of alcoholism or drug addiction, then you and your partner might very well benefit from couple’s therapy/marriage counseling.  Please call our PVRC admissions counselors today at 866-737-4962 and find out if we offer the help you need – with your addictions, and your relationship.