Sam Dekin – C.E.O.

From the desk of Sam Dekin
C.E.O., Pacific View Recovery Center

Choosing the right place to get clean and sober may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Since you’re taking the time to consider joining us, or entrusting a loved one to our care, I’d like to tell you a little more about our mission, and exactly what kind of treatment you can expect to receive here.

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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

OUR MISSION is to help those battling with alcoholism and/or addiction achieve clarity and a sense of authentic purpose, while living in a real-world environment that encourages real solutions to real problems. At PVRC, we offer a strong, structured, foundational recovery program, where the emphasis is placed squarely on providing our clients with all the care, guidance, and support they need during this challenging chapter of their lives.

In other words, we focus on delivering the nuts and bolts of recovery, rather than the bells and whistles. The brand new PVRC facility, located in the heart of Santa Monica, California, has been designed with this mission in mind.



8X3A5742As even a brief glimpse at other sites makes clear, we have noticeably different values from most treatment centers, and we’re proud of those differences. Perhaps the most significant distinction of the process here is the amount of hands-on care you’ll receive from our recovery team.  We’ve made sure to fill out the PVRC staff with psychologists, licensed therapists, counselors and nurses, all of whom combined have over 100 years working in the recovery field.  And all of them are on site and/or on call 24/7.  What this means is that a trained and trusted professional is always available to help our clients, whatever their needs may be… WHENEVER they may arise.

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“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It pulls up the rotten roots,
so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow.”
– Rumi

I strongly believe the recovery process should be infused with as much joy as possible, but it must also be approached with utmost dedication and commitment – on the part of the PVRC team AND those we are determined to help. I want each client at Pacific View to feel supported by our program, but also challenged. In my many years of treating drug abuse and alcoholism, I have found that if those struggling to break free from their addictions are not able to commit fully and whole-heartedly to their recovery, frankly, they have far less chance of achieving their goal.
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We guide and support our clients at Pacific View to dig deep to discover the willingness necessary to dive into recovery, then help them learn to cherish and nurture that willingness on a day to day basis. Because we know how often our clients’ families and loved ones have been affected by their behavior, we also provide strong support for the family to be involved in the healing process as much as possible.


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The PVRC treatment plan has been designed to be both simple and challenging, inspiring and educational. Beginning on your first day, you’ll find yourself embraced and supported by the positive culture of healing we have established here. I look at this culture as the bedrock for your recovery, the foundation upon which we can construct the most effective treatment plan possible. Once this core of trust and security has been established, we are able to motivate and empower our clients to invest more deeply in their own recovery than ever before.

We believe strongly in a social modality at PVRC, which means a large part of our treatment plan encourages our clients to interact not only with their fellow travelers in recovery, but also with the outside world. Clients begin treatment in residence on the first floor; here they learn to live with others again and are guided gently through the often tender early stages of recovery, including being made comfortable while their bodies adjust to NOT abusing substances anymore. As the PVRC program evolves, clients are moved up to the 2nd floor, where they will experience the later phases of the “healing trajectory”.

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One of our greatest assets, of course, is Santa Monica itself. Pacific View Recovery doesn’t need to waste any resources trying to create an engaging experience for our clients; we’ve got the real thing – a vibrant, vital, global destination city – right outside our doors. Having such a fabulous natural resource at our fingertips means we can put our money where it is most effective, i.e., hiring the best recovery team in the country.

That’s enough out of me. For now anyway. For more information about the many programs we offer, feel free to explore our site, or if you’d prefer, please call one of our admissions counselors at 866-737-4962.

“People with strong recovery have one thing in common:
They all worked hard for it. The bottom line is, you get good at what you practice.”
-Sam Dekin

I look forward to walking the road of recovery with you.

In good health,
Santa Monica, Ca.


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