Prescription drug addiction is a problem for more people in America than one would think. There are an overwhelming number of prescription medications, many of them touted for their effectiveness, prescribed to people across the country on a daily basis.  Prescription drug addicts fall into two categories: the first is the stereotypical addict who obtains their drugs illegally. They may steal it from family or friends, buy it on the street, or manipulate and lie to doctors to obtain prescriptions.  The second type of prescription drug addict is the person who obtained their prescription for a legitimate purpose and, unknowingly, built up a dependence to it over time.  They may suffer from a legitimate temporary or chronic ailment, such as pain or anxiety, but will have developed a tolerance to the prescribed drug over time, which in time slowly changed their brain chemistry.  Regardless of how the addiction was hatched, a prescription drug rehab is a safe environment to treat and overcome it.


Prescription Drug Addiction and the need for Prescription Drug Rehab

There are numerous reasons as to why prescription drug addiction is so prevalent in today’s society.  There are great misconceptions regarding the safety of prescription medications.  Since the use of them is so widespread, many individuals believe these substances are safe under all conditions.  But the fact is, these drugs have the exact same effect on your brain as most illicit substances.  The ease of receiving a prescription is another factor leading to so much abuse – from 1991 to 2010, stimulant prescriptions rose from 5 million to almost 45 million, while opioid prescriptions went from 75 million to 209 million.  There is also an overriding societal inclination towards prescription drugs, which has had a large impact.  As a society, we’ve been trained to believe that if you have any problem, the doctor has a pill that will fix it for you (source: What most do not realize is that there are serious risks that come along with taking many of these substances. Accidental overdose is a serious risk when a tolerance is built up; users will need to take more to experience the same effects as before, especially when directions are to “take as needed.”  At a prescription drug rehab, like the one at PVRC, addicts will be informed about the more specific risks of their drug of choice.


Prescription Drug Rehab at PVRC

At PVRC’s prescription drug rehab, we individualize a treatment approach for each client that best fits their needs.  New clients are given physical and psychological examinations upon entry to determine the effects that drugs to which they’re addicted may have had on their physiological or mental states. These allow us to best choose the most appropriate course of action regarding the client’s condition.  All clients receive weekly individual therapy sessions to uncover any concealed issues, and then create a plan for dealing with those issues.  Patients’ time is highly structured, and includes a combination of individual and group therapy sessions, as well as outings to any number of Santa Monica attractions. Clients will be informed about the risks they take and the effects they may experience from using.  We cover numerous topics a recovering addict must face on their road to recovery.  Patients will identify triggers, plus learn how to avoid and deal with them as they arise.  After the detox period has passed, it becomes much easier for clients to make self-realizations about emotions and behaviors regarding addiction.

If you have any questions regarding the PVRC Prescription drug rehab, and if it is the right place for you or your loved one, please don’t hesitate to call 866-737-4962 to speak with one of our admissions specialists.