As the new year approaches and the old one winds down, many people are preparing for a blowout New Year’s Eve party, while simultaneously bracing for the inevitable, often blinding hangover to follow.  That hangover, naturally, is itself often accompanied by a long list of resolutions.  All of which helps explain why the week between Christmas and New Year’s is the slowest of the year in the recovery field – why sober up now when the reset button is just around the corner?  That’s a rhetorical question, of course, but for those of us who are already sober, it’s one we’ve answered with our respective journeys in recovery.

Instead, the more relevant, pressing issue for sober folk, especially those for whom this might be the first non-indulgent holiday, is how to navigate all the year-end insanity, office parties and seasonal stress without resorting for comfort or solace to old self-destructive coping mechanisms.  The article linked here certainly provides more than a few good suggestions (source:  But whether these suggestions are appealing or not, it’s important to remember that drinking and drugging to excess, or even at all, is NOT a prerequisite for enjoying this time of year.  In fact, many in sobriety find themselves having more fun than ever before.  And remembering the good times the next day… WITHOUT that blinding hangover!

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