Pacific View Recovery Center is a new drug and alcohol treatment facility that specializes in helping people get clean and stay clean in a real-world environment. The goal of our experienced and compassionate staff is to guide and support our clients through each step of the recovery process – from detox and withdrawal to one-on-one therapy and aftercare planning – while ensuring that each person has a treatment plan that meets his or her individual needs. We offer a wide array of customizable treatment programs, based on proven, reliable, evidence-based techniques, administered by a team with over 100 years combined experience in the field of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Providing treatment to each client is both a professional and personal mission of the PVRC staff.

Sam Dekin MA Clinical Psychology, Chief Executive Officer

Sam Dekin has many years of experience educating clients about addiction and other pathological behavior, while focusing on cognitive processes, meaning, and emotional triggers and responses as a means of achieving full and sustainable sobriety. Sam provides guidance and support to enhance communication skills, goal setting, conflict resolution, and other tools for ongoing recovery, accountability, and empowerment. As C.E.O. of Pacific View Recovery, Sam focuses the PVRC clinical team on reducing recidivism, while cultivating self-esteem and family healing by utilizing well-rounded and flexible therapeutic approaches. Sam integrates staff and techniques from Psychodynamic, Existential, CBT, and Family Systems orientations to build rapport with our clients, and thus being able to more effectively intervene on potentially destructive behavior. Sam is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the PVRC facility, including design and alteration of treatment plans, family therapy, and crisis intervention.



DDr. James Woodr. Wood is considered by many to be an authority on addictions, as well as mental illness. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive education and experience in the mental health field. He has worked with the Veterans Administration Hospital, Little Rock, Ark., as a chemical dependency counselor, and in numerous Los Angeles hospitals and treatment facilities. In addition to in-patient, outpatient, and residential addiction treatment, Dr. Wood has lectured and led numerous workshops throughout Southern California for the past twenty-five years. He has also conducted extensive research at U.C.L.A. over the many years of his career in the addiction field. Dr. Wood has been a member of the PVRC auxiliary staff since we first opened our doors.

ThomasThomas Tophia CADC-CAS, Program Director

Thomas, a native of southern California, has worked with chemically dependent individuals since 2007, mainly working in the non-profit sector. Thomas is in his tenth year of recovery and understands the importance of a caring, supportive team in our clients’ recovery process. Thomas has dedicated his life to helping others embrace newfound sobriety and go on to live productive lives. Thomas has a vast knowledge of the recovery process with a strong connection in the recovery community. Thomas is currently pursuing a degree in Family and Children Services.


KarleeKarlee Dahlin LMFT, Clinical Director

Karlee is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in addiction. A Venice native, Karlee earned her graduate degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles. Karlee enjoys using mindfulness-based practices with clients in recovery and believes PVRC’s integrative team approach offers the best chance for successful, long-term sobriety. She is also certified as a cognitive behavioral group therapist and as a yoga instructor, and incorporates these skills in her work with our clients. She is very excited to be part of the Pacific View team!




megan-dahlinMegan Dahlin BA, Compliance Manager

Megan has been working in treatment since the beginning of 2010 and is passionate about her job. She has successfully assisted in the licensing and certification of several residential detox facilities with both the state of California and The Joint Commission. Megan is dedicated to the recovery of the individuals here at Axis and constantly is working to assure the quality and compliance of the program. She is currently continuing her education in a tireless quest to improve the quality of care she can offer our clients.

grant-overmireGrant Overmire Operations Manager

After going through a rigorous sober living program, Grant emerged with the necessary tools to succeed in sobriety, without compromising who he is as a person. His experience is in line with our commitment at Pacific View Recovery to help our clients rediscover through sobriety their authentic selves. Grant is determined to demonstrate for our clients that they don’t need to dig any further to find answers to their problems: the solution to what ails them lies within.  Grant appreciates the opportunity – and accompanying responsibility – to lead by example for those newly entering sobriety. “I remember how instrumental the counselors and staff were from my treatment center, and I hope to have the same impact here at PVRC.”



simone cotton

Simone CottonRecovery Technician with LVN

Simone was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attended Culver City High School and later went on to get her LVN license at Casa Loma College. As a child, Simone always knew that she wanted to become a nurse. For the past 5 years, Simone has worked in home health as well as at a Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. She is excited to begin working with Axis West & PVRC, and she is looking forward to being able to provide support to individuals on the road to sobriety.



Matt Fidlow  Recovery Technician

Matt Fidlow is no stranger to treatment. He has struggled with addiction for many years and has gone through 6 treatment programs himself back in his home town of Chicago, IL. Matt entered PVRC in March 2014 as a client and has been clean and sober ever since. Although he has had ups and downs in his sobriety, he has found a home here doing what he loves helping the next addict with his experience, strength, and hope. Matt is passionate about his job and forever grateful for the rehab facility that saved his life.


JaredJared Cieslewicz‏‎  Recovery Technician, CATC

Having gone through the struggles of addiction after high school, Jared is an individual who knows the seriousness of this condition.  Wanting to try something new, he left Charlottesville, VA to start on a new path which began for him as a client at Axis Treatment West in Culver City.  There, along with going to sober living at the Axis House, he learned the tools necessary to stay sober and enjoy a beautiful, sober life.  Jared has worked in the treatment field in admissions and as a Recovery Technician for nearly 2 years.  He has a very compassionate and honest nature about him, which he utilizes in his approach to help clients through the process of recovery.  He is also an experienced musician with a passion for playing the guitar along with pursuing other creative ventures.




Erick RodriguezRecovery Technician with LVN

Erick is an LVN who’s holistic approach adds a comforting touch to the care of our clients. Stemming from an impoverished area of Los Angeles, young Erick spent his college years learning about biology, psychology and anatomy before settling in as an LVN. Since then, Erick has spent his years providing comfort and care on various levels to the young and elderly alike. “I studied various fields before I decided on nursing and each of my experiences beforehand will only help me be a better nurse”

SHEILASheila Monsod CADC-II, B.S. in Bus. Admin, Human Resources

Sheila brings to the PVRC team a wealth of experience in the recovery and non-profit fields. She has undergone extensive training, both in the Implementation of the Therapeutic Community Program Training and with Group Facilitation as well, residential and outpatient modality. A long-standing member of the Westside Homeless and Hunger Coalition, Sheila also works for Westside Meth Coalition Network, and has outreach duties with community-based programs through US District Courts and Ca Dept of Corr. Rehab. Sheila is also an active member of AA 10 years strong – “happy, joyous, and free!” Her drive and motivation at Pacific View Recovery is to provide support to individuals who seek help, administratively or in recovery.


reece chef
Reece StovallCertified Food Handler, Head Chef

Reece was born in Texas, and was raised on the Westside of  Los Angeles where he attended Alexander Hamilton High School and West Los Angeles College studying Psychology. He grew up in a family of drug addiction and even lost his mother to drug addiction. After that, as well as having his own ups and downs, Reece decided to dedicate his life for the greater good of people. He cooked for three years as lead cook at the Salvation Army, under the Supervision of Executive Chef Mark Mferas, and cooked for our Nations Vets who suffer from PTSD, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Emotional Distress. Reece is dedicated to the recovery process and inspires our clients everyday with food that touches their soul.
Rebecca GadburyCertified Food Handler, Chef

Rebecca has always felt most grounded when working with food. Cooking has been a passion of hers since she was a teenager. Rebecca attended culinary school in Indianapolis, where she specialized in Italian and French Cuisine. Her experience working in kitchens in Indianapolis, as well time spent in Charleston, afforded her a wealth of experience preparing dishes from a wide array of cultural cuisines. Rebecca says she found that passion again within her own recovery. Giving back to fellow addicts is something that brings her great joy day in and day out.
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