Valium is a CNS (central nervous system) depressant that falls under the class of barbiturate.  This mild tranquilizer was created in 1970’s to find a middle ground for psychiatric patients, as the only available options at the time were either very heavy sedatives, or no tranquilizer at all.  While valium was initially prescribed for anxiety, it was not long before doctors began to prescribe it for patients with other conditions.  Since then, valium has become one of the most prescribed drugs in America.  While the drug’s popularity tapered off in the 1980’s, valium addiction is on the rise once again, bringing with it a greater need for valium rehabs.


Valium Rehab and Addiction

There are a number of side effects that occur as a result of valium abuse, both short term and potentially long term as well.  The more immediate effects include decreased brain activity, as the valium inhibits the messages sent in the brain between various neurotransmitters.  There is an immediate sensation of euphoria that is often accompanied by some incoordination, similar to drunkenness.  After the peak sensations pass, the valium addict may experience anxiety, irritability, fever, increased heart rate, stomach cramps, and depression.  If valium is abused over a longer time frame, it may have more prevalent effects on the mind and body.  The physical side effects can consist of memory loss, troubles breathing, decreased heart rate, coma, or even heart attack.  The psychological side effects include, but are not limited to, restlessness, anxiety, hallucinations, psychoses, insomnia, nightmares, and other behavioral issues.  A valium rehab will help those in need become more informed of the health risks they are facing (source:, as well as provide tools for recovering from their addiction.


Valium Rehab at PVRC

While going to a valium rehab will surely increase the chance of overcoming this addiction, it is important that each individual find the proper facility for his or her specific needs.  At PVRC we customize a treatment approach for each client, as what works for one person may not work for the next.  Each new client will be given a physical exam to find any physiological issues the drugs may have brought about. A psychological evaluation will then be conducted to uncover and deal with any underlying mental health issues, and also determine the best approach to dealing with them.  Patients are kept preoccupied with scheduled group and individual therapy sessions, as well as outings.  In these groups and therapy sessions we will cover a variety of topics, such as identifying “triggers,” how to avoid them before they arise, and also how to deal with them when they do.  Without a mind fogged by drugs, it becomes much easier to face and handle feelings or behaviors associated with addiction, and a troubled past.  While these are just a sliver of the types of positive experiences to be found at PVRC’s valium rehab, our goal is always the same – to help addicts maintain sobriety and go on to live full lives.

For more information about the PVRC treatment facility, and to find out if our program is right for you or a loved one, please call 866-737-4962 today to speak with one of our admissions specialists.  It’s one call we know you won’t regret!