Vicodin Rehab at PVRC

Vicodin is one of the better-known brand names for hydrocodone, which itself is one of the more highly addictive prescription medications available today.  Normally, this drug will be prescribed for patients experiencing short-term or chronic pain, and sometimes other conditions as well, such as a recurrent cough.  The truth is, Vicodin can be an effective drug… when used properly, and taken as directed.  The problem is, once someone has developed an addiction to the drug, it is almost impossible to do so.  And over the years, it has proven to be an extremely easy drug to become addicted to.  Especially for those of us already predisposed to alcoholism or addictive tendencies.

Once a Vicodin addiction has taken hold, the addict will develop a tolerance to the drug, at which point they will begin to need more and more of it to simply control their pain, and more still to experience the euphoric effects that most drug addicts seek.  At this point, the addict will find it more difficult to cope with everything, and their personal and professional lives sill often spin out of control. Thankfully, there is still hope for the Vicodin addict, which in this case comes in the form of a Vicodin rehab program, like ours at the Pacific View Recovery Center.


Choosing the Right Vicodin Rehab Program

Because there are so many types of vicodin rehab programs available, it is important that the vicodin addict take the time necessary to properly assess all his or her options.  There are outpatient programs available, which entail visiting a facility for treatment, sometimes for many hours a day, but not remaining there overnight.  This type of program is recommended for people whose problems with drugs are not that severe, and aren’t interfering with their lives in particularly damaging fashion.  But for a more typical vicodin addict, whose problems have caused widespread damage in his or her life (with the potential to cause far greater damage), an in-patient vicodin rehab is often the best choice.

If it is determined that a long-term stay at a residential treatment facility is the right option, the vicodin addict must then assess which of the many facilities out there best suits their needs.  Some treatment facilities are luxurious and opulent, while others more closely resemble a home-like environment.  Other rehabs eschew home ambience and feel more like a hospital or medical clinic.  At PVRC, our facility has been designed to promote a warm, healing experience, administered in a warm, healing atmosphere.  We know that if the recovering addict is not comfortable with their environment and the staff members who will be treating them, the chances of achieving sustainable sobriety are considerably slimmer.


Get Help Today at PVRC’s Vicodin Rehab

As with the treatments for addictions to other prescription medications, the initial phase of treatment at a Vicodin rehab often includes detoxification, or detox.  Although the length and degree of intensity of the process varies, detox can last for a period of hours or days, with the most significant symptoms beginning to subside after a day or two. At PVRC’s vicodin rehab, you will be guided gently through your detox from start to finish.  Our PVRC staff members have over 100 years combined experience in the field of treating alcoholism and addiction, each one prepared to make every effort to ensure that you will experience a happy, comfortable, and safe detox while under our care.

When detox is over, the recovering vicodin addict will then proceed with a treatment program tailored to their specific needs.  A program that, at PVRC, confirms that vicodin rehab can be effective, if the addict is willing to invest in their own recovery (source:

If you or a loved one is suffering from a vicodin addiction, please don’t let another day go by without getting help.  Contact one of our admissions specialists today at 866-737-4962 to find out if PVRC’s vicodin rehab is the right program for you.